The 1ST STEP in selecting the flanged tank adapter for your storage tank is determining the proper materials of construction. Your selection will be based on compatibility of the fitting components with the chemical(s) being stored. Our fittings consist of three parts; the fitting itself, the hardware used to mechanically attach the fitting to the tank, and the gasketing, which is utilized to seal the fitting against the tank and to seal the attachment hardware on the inside of the tank. When you select the necessary combination of materials from the table below, you will jump to the size selection page. For OR1000 Tank fittings, click here.

Selection The Fitting The Hardware The Gasketing
FRP-S-E Fiberglass* 316SS EPDM
FRP-S-V Fiberglass* 316SS Viton®
FRP-T-E Fiberglass* Titanium EPDM
FRP-T-V Fiberglass* Titanium Viton®
FRP-C-E Fiberglass* C276 (Hastelloy) EPDM
FRP-C-V Fiberglass* C276 (Hastelloy) Viton®
304-S-E 304SS 316SS EPDM
304-S-V 304SS 316SS Viton®
316-S-E 316SS 316SS EPDM
316-S-V 316SS 316SS Viton®

* U.S. Patent no. 9,464,745 (issued Oct.11,2016) “Large Diameter Fiberglass Tank Adapter”