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CRP Tank Specialties, Inc. is the result of an evolution begun in January of 1982. That’s when our founder began working as an outside salesman for a distributor of polyethylene tanks to the industrial and municipal markets. During those early years, he spent many, many hours repairing tanks from the outside and inside. These experiences proved to be invaluable and provided the core foundation for the innovative development of a broad line of unique products and high performance solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges faced by the poly tank industry. Our founder continues his involvement with tank system design while consistently developing solutions for tank fittings, manways, sealing, venting, access, and repair challenges.

Key to the success of our products is a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges posed by polyethylene tanks; expansion and contraction, materials of construction/compatibility, mechanical attachment and the synergistic design of all components of an assembly.

Most poly tank manufacturers only supply tank fittings up to 4″ and sometimes 6″. They do an excellent job of molding vessels, but their offering of accessories, especially large fittings and side manways, is limited or non-existent. Generally, we ship your order directly to the tank manufacturer for installation before shipment. However, our fittings and manways are very user friendly and are regularly installed by plant maintenance personnel.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to helping you incorporate the features necessary to optimize the performance and safety of your polyethylene tank.